Breakfast–The Most Important Meal of the Day

Sausage and Cheese Breakfast Toast

Do you find yourself on most mornings rushing out the door in a frenzy to try to get to work and skipping breakfast?  Most people and personal training clients forget that the few extra minutes it takes to have a healthy wholesome breakfast might make all the difference as to whether you have a productive day or if you will be dragging most of the day to get your work done.

I frequently remind my personal training clients on the importance of a protein-rich healthy breakfast to help them  get going for a full day of activities. It is crucial to remember that your body is a machine; you wouldn’t ask your car to drive cross country and then fill it with gas – similarly, you should not be asking your body to work hard and then feed it food after the fact.


A lot of people and personal training clients think that they end up saving calories if they avoid breakfast, but they don’t realize  that they usually over eat later in the day because their bodies are starved and are trying to overcompensate for starvation mode because it didn’t get the morning fuel.  It also slows down their metabolism when they don’t jump start it with breakfast in the morning.


Many of my personal training clients end up snacking on more calories than they otherwise would have consumed at breakfast because they are starving by 10AM or late in the afternoon. When you short-change your body of the nutrients it needs, it will want to crave sweet or salty snacks or other food that won’t be so friendly to your waistline.


If you start the day with a protein-rich diet like an egg white omelet with vegetables, your body is less likely to crave sweets and your blood sugar is more likely to stay balanced throughout the day. This way, you are not starving and making poor dietary choices at lunch and dinner.


If you think that making breakfast in the morning takes too much time, one trick I like to use sometimes is to buy a hard-boiled egg maker and use that every morning for egg whites. This way, you let the machine do the cooking while you get ready for work. Another option would be to make an extra lean turkey hash with a medley of vegetables sautéed together without potatoes over the weekend and you can heat that up for breakfast during the work days.


If you start the day with a more protein-rich meal, your blood sugar is more stable later in the day so that you don’t have sugar dips and you are more energetic with a better ability to pick healthier snack or meal choices. This type of breakfast also ensures that your metabolism will be humming efficiently and not shut down into starvation mode.  Here are a few other suggestions for a quick and healthy breakfast :


Most people and personal training clients who start with a healthy breakfast will have more energy to work out later in the day as well…and between your ability to control your cravings and the increased energy to put towards more effective work outs, your waist line will surely thank you this summer season for that healthy breakfast you took the time to eat in the morning.


For more information on how important a healthy breakfast is, contact St. Louis, Brentwood, Mo and Clayton, MO Personal Trainer, Maurie Cofman, C.E.S.